The Basics
I am a professional software developer, aspiring voice actor, technology enthusiast, amateur musician, geek, and gamer from Massachusetts, USA.

I have been programming since I was under eight years old. My father, who has been working in the software industry since I was born, taught me the basics early on an old Apple II, and also set me loose in TrueBASIC on our Macintosh SE/30. I have been programming ever since, and in spite of the fact that I write code for a living, I still find myself working on side-projects constantly.

I've been gaming even longer than I've been programming. I wasn't given a console gaming system until I got my Gameboy, but I have been playing computer games for as long as I can remember. My gateway game was called "Spectre", and I remember my father playing it on our family's Mac SE/30 in the evenings. I remember calling it "the flag game" until I started playing it myself.

In high school, I made use of my newfound deep voice to play a wide variety of roles in over a dozen theatrical productions. In spite of deciding to go to college for computer science rather than theatre or communications, I never lost the passion for performance. Recently, I have had more chances to take advantage of my talents, and I hope to continue voice acting on the side.

Another major discovery of mine in high school was that of electronic music composition. The school had a state of the art recording studio, complete with a number of midi keyboards and hardware sythesizers. Since I started highschool, I've been slowing composing electronic music over the years, totally roughly three albums.